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in the past, the led light source had to achieve a certain illuminance and illumination area, and an optical device such as a lens was required to affect the illumination effect, which would reduce the energy-saving effect of the led. the led filament realizes 360° full-angle illumination, and the large-angle illumination does not require a lens to realize the stereo light source, bringing an unprecedented lighting experience.

led filament advantages:

1, 360 ° luminous stereo light source.

2. integrated high-voltage drive to maximize power factor and minimize lamp cost.

3, high-quality light source, color rendering index of 90 or more, light efficiency of 110 lm / w or more.

4, using a full transparent substrate material with a new 360 ° dispensing process.

5, a new light vision, feel the original "incandescent" light environment.

our led filament package jelly gel has the advantages of stable thixotropic deformation, good adhesion and good temperature resistance, and is suitable for the packaging of led filament bulbs.

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