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our company brings key packaging materials to help transform the new era of mini led

as a national high-tech enterprise in the field of electronic fine chemicals, chenri technology is committed to the innovation of semiconductor packaging materials, led packaging materials and electronic assembly materials. it is the first to propose flip-chip packaging of solid crystal solder paste and flip-chip in the field of led packaging. solution provider with fruit powder glue.

on june 10th, the mainstream media---commerce talk invited mr. qian xuexing from chenshi technology to be a guest of advanced lighting and led display trend analysis meeting.

at the meeting, the morning technology money always showed the two most common problems on the process of the mini---the printing problem of solder paste and the soldering problem of solder paste. the latest em-6001 series of solid crystal solder paste from the morning technology can solve the above problems by repeatedly adjusting the formulation and process parameters of the solder paste. at present, the spi detection failure rate after printing can be zero. the post void rate is less than 3%. the chip soldering thrust is greatly improved, and in addition to the em-6001, there are two types of products, em-7001 and em-8001. the basic performance is the same except for the size of the fruit powder and the viscosity of the solder paste (flux ratio).

at present, for most manufacturers, mass production is the biggest challenge. the problem is to improve the yield and consistency. the morning em-7001 and em-8001 powders with smaller particle size can solve these two problems perfectly and help solve the problem of micro-level fine pitch packaging.


in addition, the company has also done a lot of tests on the electronic package. the introduction of the two kinds of silicone and phenyl silicone encapsulants has also achieved great success in panel packaging.

with continuous innovation and r&d investment, chenri technology has been deeply cultivating the field of electronic materials for 15 years, constantly adapting to the new situation and new demands of the market, and has made new highs in the market share of the domestic electronic materials industry. at present, the two core products of chenri technology have become the market for electronic packaging materials products that are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, highly reliable and highly efficient.

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