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auto tech 2019 china international automotive technology exhibition

auto tech 2019 china international automotive technology exhibition will be held tomorrow at the wuhan international expo center (hanyang). it is an important exhibition in the front of china's automobile front, covering automotive electronics technology, vehicle networking technology, ev/hev technology, automotive lightweight technology, autonomous driving technology, automotive test and measurement technology, 5g technology applications and many other key issues, the exhibition will last for three days, starting from may 9th until may 11th.



exhibitor: chenri technology co., ltd.

booth no: b2-655

exhibition time: may 9 - may 11

venue: wuhan international expo center (hanyang)、

electronic packaging materials industry trends

with the rapid advancement of intelligent, multimedia and networked electronic application technologies, the global electronics manufacturing industry is entering a period of rapid development of innovative and intensive enterprises, and electronic products are increasingly developing in a short, small, light and thin direction. the resulting packaged devices must also be transformed into smaller, thinner, faster, more convenient, and more reliable structural trends to accommodate changes in market demand. therefore, high-precision, high-reliability electronic packaging materials have become the inevitable choice nowadays, who can maximize the market, who will lead the future electronic packaging materials industry.



our company profile

shenzhen chenri technology co., ltd. is committed to the innovation of semiconductor packaging materials, led packaging materials and electronic assembly materials. it is a national high-tech representative enterprise in the field of electronic fine chemicals. morning technology is the first to propose flip-chip in the field of led packaging. solution solutions for encapsulating solid crystal solder paste and flip chip powder, the main products include lead-free solder paste, high-lead solder paste, and silicone.



chenri technology is committed to promoting the technological progress of the materials industry, constantly innovating, and continuously increasing investment in key links of the industrial chain. the preparation and application technology of gujing solder paste has reached the international advanced level, providing products and technical services to many packaging companies in the industry. it has won widespread praise from customers and its market share has grown steadily. not only that, chenri technology insists on advancing with the times, constantly adapting to changes in market demand, pre-arrangement before the arrival of the trend, always grasping the pulse of the market, and has unlimited potential.


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