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stunning appearance of new materials for china 5g mobile phone

on june 29th, the 7th china 5g mobile new materials, new structure summit forum and supply and demand matchmaking conference was grandly opened at the venus royal hotel (shajing) in shenzhen, guangdong. the elites from the national materials industry gathered together for the 5g mobile phone era. in-depth exchanges and discussions on new trends in materials. the morning science and technology made a stunning appearance, attracting the attention of the audience.

the summit forum was sponsored by the materials, the procurement industry, the new materials online, china photonics exhibition, etc., cimc cimc zhigu, nearly 20 units co-sponsored, mainly around the six major issues, respectively, "5g era , mobile phone and key material market trend analysis", "5g mobile phone overall antenna introduction", "bay area enterprise development opportunities", "special engineering plastic ultrafine powder experts, high-tech materials powder processing platform", "smartphone materials / processing / assembly process brief" and "matching material supply chain sharing and supply and demand information release". under the overall structure of the six major issues, there are two major forums, namely 5g mobile phone structural components, thermal conduction themes, 5g mobile phone antennas, and fpc themes.

among the companies participating in the summit's supply and demand release, huawei, zte, tcl, etc., as well as dozens of well-known companies such as oppo, vivo, byd, and xiaomi. supply and demand materials cover more than 20 materials applications including graphene coatings, silicone and stainless steel bonding glue, and chip testing suppliers. this shows that the summit forum plays an important role in the industry, and all the materials that may be involved in 5g mobile phones are here.

morning science and technology, 15 years of material industry, the leading enterprises in the domestic packaging industry, made a stunning appearance at the summit forum, attracting a large number of business people to come to the booth for consultation. in the new 5g mobile phone materials, the package soldering material is indispensable. the x4 and x5 solder pastes of the morning technology technology can perfectly satisfy the smt lead-free process of high-precision 5g mobile phone and base station circuit boards. the el-s3/s4/s5 models meet the requirements. the lead-free process of the 5g antenna, so as a provider of solder paste for the key soldering materials in the 5g communication industry, the morning technology has a good foot. 

chenri technology said that it will make every effort to promote the rapid development of the 5g communication industry, and develop more packaged products that adapt to 5g technology with practical actions, contributing to the cause of promoting 5g technology and meeting the packaging needs of new markets. your own power. finally, the morning technology expressed gratitude to the host of the summit forum, i wish the next session more exciting, and hope to have the opportunity to show up in more summit forums.

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